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Dee Tidwell

6900 E Layton Ave
Denver, CO 80237


About Dee Tidwell:

Dee is the owner of Colorado Golf Fitness Club in Denver, Colorado. His program of stretching, conditioning, stability, strength, and nutrition has been developed and tested to improve any golfer’s ability on the course and in life.

High performance exercise kinesiologist to professional, amateur and youth athletes in a variety of sports, Dee Tidwell’s education background is extensive…

  • Three time Golf Digest “Best Golf Fitness Professional” -2018/2020/2022
  • Colorado’s only ELDOA Trainer – the PGA tours secret weapon to back pain
  • Been “Colorado’s Golf Fitness Coach” since 2001
  • Received his Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Physiology from California State University at Chico in 1993.
  • Colorado’s ONLY Soma Golf Trainer from world renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer
  • Level Three (TPI) Titleist Performance Institute Certified: Golf Fitness Pro, Golf Fitness Instructor, Junior Coach, and Medical Coach.
  • Dee is a Level Two CHEK practitioner, a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
  • PGA tour winning conditioning coach 2003-2008
  • Five time winner of the Colorado Avid Golfer CAGGY award

Dee brings extensive knowledge and expertise for the scratch golfer to the PGA tour pro, which quickly translates into permanent change and success for any golfing client.

Tidwell’s knowledge of neural motor programming, rehabilitation, high performance nutrition, as well as functional and sports specific conditioning programs is invaluable. Since 1999, Dee has been working with amatuer and specialty athletes from all areas of sports including: PGA Tour playing pros, Professional Downhill Mountain Bikers, Olympic, medal winning, professional snowboarders, professional motocross racers, professional skiers, and collegiate golfers. Because of this experience, Dee is able to bring a comprehensive approach to all levels of rehabilitation, conditioning and holistic living.

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