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The New Paradigm of Golf

Out with the old…

The old paradigm is broken!!
If you want to be successful in golf, the above, old school approach to golf will not get you there!

We used to be able to play the game of golf semi-successfully with the above paradigm. NO longer can a great golf game come from following the old paradigm and here is why…

  • Yes, equipment has drastically changed, but it still is only the “means to an end”. Good equipment can make your game better, but it will only make you as good as your body is able to handle that equipment!
  • Your success with instruction depends on how good your instructor is and how well your body is able to produce the movements your instructor wants you to! It doesn’t matter how good the instructor is if your body isn’t capable of reproducing golf specific movements with repetition and consistency!
  • Having trouble “staying in the game” mentally? With my experience coaching PGA tour pro’s, they all agreed that when they were regularly doing their conditioning programs they were more confident with their entire game! How can you play a serious game of golf and have fun at it if your body is incapable of maximizing your equipments true potential?? This is exactly why those PGA tour pro’s who regularly train for golf win more tournaments!

So what’s missing in this old paradigm? It doesn’t include the most important aspect of golf…your body!

So imagine how much your game will change and how much more fun you will have if you begin to add the conditioning component to your game!

A half an hour a day will give you results you’ve always wanted!

And in with the new, golf paradigm!

If you look at the above diagram closely and compare it to the old paradigm, you will see only one major difference besides the breakdown of instruction into three topics instead of one…. the addition of Physical Conditioning!!

What we are saying is even if you work on your basic instruction, course management, and shot making skills, no matter how good you get at those aspects of the game, you will still be limited by your Physical Conditioning!!!

Your physical conditioning affects your game as best described by the graph below:

“Take charge of your game instead of it taking charge of you!”

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