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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

At Colorado Golf Fitness Club, we believe that health and a vital life stems not just from exercising, but mostly from what you put in your mouth. After all, “you are, what you eat”!

Our PGA Tour Players use our nutrition technologies so that they play with the most energy, focus and success every time they compete! It has been proven that a tournament can be won or lost because of nutritional choices. Top players like Tiger and Annika make the right nutritional choices before they play.

Because each person is different and has different cellular needs, our nutrition programs, just like our conditioning programs are person specific, or “cellular specific”.

We have the technology to provide you with the most basic foundational nutrition program to the highest level of specificity. We utilize “good, old fashioned” questionnaires for our basic/foundational nutrition programs, and can also refer out to our medical practitioners for a more in-depth approach using: Hair Mineral Analysis and Blood Chemistry testing, and Saliva and Stool samples when needed. 

In the end, regardless of which option you choose, you will find a highly specific and holistic approach to our nutritional programs that is hard to beat!

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