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I came to see CGF in March of 2005 with a severe case of Sciatica and SI Joint dysfunction. It affected every component of my swing, not to mention being in a chronic state of pain! Here it is in February of 2006 and I just won my first tournament at one of the hardest and demanding courses of the year, The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AM! I can’t be happier with what Championship Golf Fitness and Dee, have done for me!

Arron Oberholser – PGA Tour Player

If you want to win and perform at your best, you MUST work with Dee Tidwell and Championship Golf Fitness! He helped me with my first win in over five years!

Joe Durant – PGA Tour Player

Dee Tidwell is by far the most qualified trainer I have ever worked with. His understanding of the body and its biomechanics and how they relate to the golf swing is unmatched. To be a great golfer you need to be balanced. Dee will give you the exercises and techniques to get there to reach your full potential. Put your time in with Dee and become a better player.

Dennis Paulson – PGA Tour Player

Thanks for the best preparation and training possible! The specificity of my training not only helped me recover from my injuries more quickly it also allowed me to perform above my competitors all season long. You rock! Thanks for letting me do my best!

Missy Giove – Professional Downhill Mountain Biker, Team Global

Hi. I have been working with Dee Tidwell for four weeks now. I can honestly and definitely say my golf swing and game progress is beyond what I expected. My swing is stronger and more effortless than ever before and I am forty-nine years young. I can’t wait to see what’s possible in a year or two thank you Dee.

Audie Dean – Future PGA Seniors Player

Dee helped me to achieve my next level of conditioning that I hadn’t considered. Their specificity is unbeatable!

Mike LaRocco – Professional Motocross Racer, Team Amsoil/Doc Martens/Factory Connections

When a friend recommended Dee Tidwell, I was ready to work with a new “trainer.” What I didn’t know was that I needed a “coach.” My trainer was starting to be influenced and give-in to my whining or refusal to show up to exercise. Dee started with a full assessment of my abilities and goals including my nutrition (darn it). Most importantly, his skills with success forced me to take responsibility for setting and meeting my goals. Plus, if I ever felt a muscle hurt, sting or pull, his immediate attention and expertise with Muscle Activation Techniques allowed me to continue the workout restored and strong. Dee’s positive feedback and encouragement retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. The exciting outcome is that I am in the best and healthiest shape of my life—even if I am over 60.

Jaye Kephart – Professional, Denver, CO

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