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Our Programs

Our programs are designed to help you improve your game through specific strength and conditioning routines. Take a look at how Colorado Golf Fitness Club can help you take your game to the next level!


CGFC Indoor Bootcamps

Colorado Golf Fitness Club created the “golf fitness bootcamp in 2007” and we created it to provide you with the opportunity to experience a specific golf conditioning approach that our individual programs provide, but in a group, boot camp style setting! DON”T… Read More

M.A.T. Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT is a systematic approach to identifying and treating muscular imbalances and dysfunction (compensation) as related to muscle weakness, limited range of motion and pain/injury. This technique created by Greg Roskopf, involves utilizing muscle te… Read More

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

At Colorado Golf Fitness Club, we believe that health and a vital life stems not just from exercising, but mostly from what you put in your mouth. After all, “you are, what you eat”!

Our PGA Tour Players use our nutrition technologies so that… Read More

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