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As Coloraodo’s leader in golf fitness for the last 20 years, during that time I’ve sought the best in the world to learn from which has resulted in becoming a level 3 Titleist Performance Institute Junior, Medical and Fitness professional, a SOMA Golf Trainer, a soft tissue specialist and an ELODA Trainer. I use all these techniques to help make my golfers the best they can be on and off the course.

And look, it’s simple… as a golfer, don’t you want to:

  • Play to your best potential
  • Hit the ball as far as you can
  • Shoot the lowest score you can
  • Be consistent
  • Play without pain
  • Play multiple days without bad rounds
  • Take money from your friends
  • Have the lowest handicap possible

So in order to do that, I believe that your overall success is dependent on many factors, and that many are related to how well your body moves.

So when preparing your body for to be able to play your best golf, I consider:

  • the specific neuromuscular demands of golf;
  • the common sites of injury for the average golfer;
  • your muscular imbalances;
  • when soft tissue therapy is needed to accelerate the process;
  • the energy system requirements,
  • and finally, proper nutritional support.

It’s been this type of specific approach that has helped coach our amatuers to play their best, from high handicappers, to elite juniors, all the way to our PGA winners!

You see, the specific testing and assessment gives your program focus, direction and eliminates any guess work as to, “what should I be doing and why?”

I teach you the “why’s” of your body and how your inflexiblity and weakness is contributing to your swing faults.  We TPI pro’s call that the “Body-Swing” connection.

You see, I think that an individualized approach to golf conditioning is necessary for the success and longevity of a member. That’s why everyone who belongs to CGFC, receives frequent re-assessment and new programs… the path to constant improvement not just in your game, but life as well!

In the end… all this “mumbo-jumbo” just means that we spend a lot of time figuring out exactly what you need in order to improve forever! You will get better because of the specificity of our system, PERIOD!

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