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Seniors – Your Path to Function

Welcome Boomers!

So now that I have you here, let’s change your name to “mature golfers!”

As a mature golfing athlete, you will be fighting the opposite of other golf athletes. These things include:

  • Your hormones are controlling your body- just in the wrong way; lack of testosterone, burnt out adrenal glands from kids and work; and many others that affect how you feel and perform
  • Your joints are slowly becoming less healthy
  • Your ligaments and tendons are either compensated from injury or are stressed out because of lack of support from the muscular system
  • Your skeletal system is compromised with poor posture and is under wear and tear
  • Your “center of gravity” has changed because of the seated work place, lack of awareness and muscle compensation
  • Your motor skills are decreasing
  • Your body is seeking to learn how to move correctly, but is struggling to find how

Not necessarily encouraging?

At this point you might be saying, “Well what do I have to look forward to?”

My answer…a ton! There are hundreds of studies out there that show that men and women as old as ninety can still add muscle, flexibility, balance and coordination, and overall athleticism! My question to you is, “now that you are older, have you maintained your youthful vigor, or are you in pain, can’t play golf as well as you want, and overall feel inadequate compared to how you used to?” If “yes,” then keep reading!

To correct those feelings, CGF will create for you a highly specific conditioning and stretching program that will not leave you guessing and asking yourself the question, “what do I do now?”

We will address all of your health history and consider those issues while performing highly specific bio-mechanical testing such as these tests:

  • Spinal angles- important as related to posture
  • Comparative range of motion- detecting R/L differences in flexibility
  • Analysis of movement
  • Primal movement pattern assessment
  • Posture analysis
  • Core strength and stability assessment
  • Flexibility tests through important muscles throughout the body
  • Titleist Performance Institute tests to include:
  • Address position movement ability
  • Ability to separate trunk and hips and upper body
  • Glute and core strength
  • Shoulder function
  • Wrist range of motion
  • Strength testing
  • Hip mobility

The result of this information…

A very specifically designed program based off of your numbers and issues…NOT someone else’s or by assumption of the trainer! This holds both of us accountable to your results! In fact, it can guarantee them! When I give you a great program and you do it as programmed, you will improve in whatever areas you have a desire to change!

So come on! Get the athlete in you back again! He or She is waiting! By the way, IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO GET INVOLVED! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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